November 12, 2007

Getting bigger!

Wow! The difference four months makes. Yep my little girl is four months old. She is more fun than ever and we love her so so much. To see some fun family picks go to Kellee Smith took our pictures and did an amazing job. We love her, she is so talented. Thanks Kellee!! P. S. I chopped my hair off again for those of you who knew me five years ago. I am still trying to get used to it we'll see.

Time for a walk. . .

We are trying to soak up the good weather while it lasts. I am sad the weather is going to be freezing before we know it. Evi just loves to be outside.


I know it's a little late. But I thought better late than never. Evi was a flower for Halloween. We didn't do anything too exciting. We went to the Boo-fest with Sara and Xander. But don't worry i wasn't one of those annoying parents that get candy when their kid is too little to even eat it. I think that is tacky. We had a fum time!

October 24, 2007

Me and my bumbo!

The bumbo is the recliner for babies. It's soft and squishy and Evi seems to really enjoy it. She is also in love with all of my mom' s Halloween decorations. Her favorites are a pumpkin that laughs and says happy Halloween, a raggedy andy doll dressed in a vampire costume and pretty much everything that's bright or makes noise. Whatever keeps them entertained right!! Well we officially have two days until Collin comes home and we are getting so excited. I have his picture on the computer and I show Evi and say "Look there's daddy!" and she smiles and talks to him. It's so cute. We have missed him. Can friday please come faster!!!

October 22, 2007

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October 21, 2007

Goodnight Dad

Collin is in Spain and we sure miss him. (The pictures of those awesome buildings were posted by him). So we just wanted to say goodnight and hope he is having fun! We love you!

Sunday best!

This is Evi's first time wearing tights!! I had to pull them clear up to her armpits. I love having a girl and dressing her up. Even though it is more expensive to get all the accessories it is way more fun! She is so funny. Everytime I lay her down she tries to sit up. She looks like she is doing crunches. She just has to see what is going on. Her latest fascination is my mom's dogs and watching them. She loves her cousin Xander too!

Evi's new favorite thing. . .

She loves her bouncey chair. I think she likes to suck on it most of all!!

The Tourista

October 14, 2007

Sunday afternoon hike

This afternoon we decided to go on a family outing. Since the trees are so pretty right now we went on a hike! It was a perfect day. We had a good time and I know Evi loved all the colors.

I know these carriers are kind of goofy but they are really convenient. Evi loved it as you can see! Or at least she loved sucking on it!

My favorite picture of the day!

Too bad Sundays have to come to an end. . .

We love the Fall!!

I love the fall so much. I think it is a combination of the cool weather (I hate the heat of the summer!) and the colors. I love the changing leaves so much. It makes me feel bad for people who live where there are no mountains. They don't get to see how beautiful they become. The only downside to fall is that it leaves as quickly as it comes.

We found some beautiful flowers at my mom's house.

I love this picture!! She is just starting to hold on to things. It's so cute but we are now realizing the task ahead of baby-proofing everything!

I don't think that she liked the grass because she kept trying to sit up.

If you didn't notice this is on the green at the golf course. Evi is holding on to the flag. She was such a good poser for us!

Evi and her daddy with the beautiful mountains behind them.


October 7, 2007

Our cute girl!

In this picture she had just stopped crying that's why her eyes are red. I love her big blue eyes.

Evi's first Halloween outfit. We have to get decked out for Halloween since it's my mom's birthday!!

I think this picture is so funny. She is so smiley lately.

Well she gets mad sometimes too! I love her even when she cries. She has started fake crying and it makes me laugh. She has learned thats how she gets my attention. . . she is spoiled.

When I look at this picture of her I get emotional. She is so beautiful and I love her so so much. We are so lucky to have her!

She is in the cutest stage right now. She is all smiles and she is trying to talk to us!

In this video I was playing with her and her dragon fly toy. She is in love with bright colored things right now. I was lucky to catch her smiling and trying to talk!