October 24, 2008

I finally had a second to upload some photos. This is where I have been wondering around for the last week. This place is really old and has really interesting and intricate architecture. I'll see everyone tomorrow!!

October 6, 2008

Yes we are alive!

I know I have been a really bad blogger lately but I have been super busy; and to be honest I don't really care about blogging right now. I'm sure I'll get over it and get posting! Evi is getting bigger by the minute and she is talking and learning new words like crazy. She can make a lot of animal noises (I have been trying to get it on video but for some reason she is camera shy). I have been super busy. I am taking three classes online, at this rate I will graduate in approximately 50 years. I teach dance three nights a week! And I have a super energetic 15 month old that now only takes one nap. Collin is working working working and will be leaving me and Evi to go on a business trip to Prague for a week and a day! Well there you have it there is our update! Hope all is well with everyone else! P.S. I am so excited for Fall.