November 12, 2007

Getting bigger!

Wow! The difference four months makes. Yep my little girl is four months old. She is more fun than ever and we love her so so much. To see some fun family picks go to Kellee Smith took our pictures and did an amazing job. We love her, she is so talented. Thanks Kellee!! P. S. I chopped my hair off again for those of you who knew me five years ago. I am still trying to get used to it we'll see.

Time for a walk. . .

We are trying to soak up the good weather while it lasts. I am sad the weather is going to be freezing before we know it. Evi just loves to be outside.


I know it's a little late. But I thought better late than never. Evi was a flower for Halloween. We didn't do anything too exciting. We went to the Boo-fest with Sara and Xander. But don't worry i wasn't one of those annoying parents that get candy when their kid is too little to even eat it. I think that is tacky. We had a fum time!