August 20, 2007

Monday afternoon

She loves when I sing to her she just stares at me. . . once in a while she will smile.

1st position. Look at her turnout she is already a dancer.

She was smiling while I was talking to her but for some reason she kept looking at the couch. It's funny what they like to look at. We have these black shelves on our wall and she stares at them all day.

Smiling and falling over at the same time. It's her first action shot!

She is sooo cute. She is starting to make all these new noises. Like grunting really hard when she is trying to go to the bathroom. It is so sad how fast she is growing, but every new thing she does I just love.

Hanging out at Grandma's house.

Kind of a smile, kind of a silly face.

Evi and cousin Lincoln. He was moving his arms around like crazy and she was trying to latch onto his arms and his cheek. She likes to eat!

Smiling for dad later that night. We love her!

Evi's first rain storm!

Collin sat outside forever waiting for a bolt of lightning to strike and finally got lucky. . . He was pretty excited!

Me and Evi in the dark. It's so crazy how kids just love to be outside even at her age. She wasn't even afraid of the thunder. I think she is used to loud noise from being in my belly while I taught dance.

August 16, 2007

My daytime activity. . . Sleeping

Napping with Dad.

Napping with aunt Kailey

First time napping in my crib. (She only slept in her crib for about five minutes before she woke up but it's a start!)

Stretch. She always does thumbs up when she stretches, it's so funny!

First time wearing her baby legs. They barely stay on her she's still a little small. I love having a girl there are so many fun accessories for them. I love these baby legs I need to get some more. Chelsea I'll be putting in an order soon!

August 12, 2007

Pictures, Pictures

Pictures our friend Holly took!

Big eyes and big cheeks!

This one is my favorite. . . she is so cute!

Evi with her dad.

Evi and me.

August 11, 2007

New cousin Lincoln!!

Lincoln Russell Garn. Born August 9, 2007. 8 pounds 9 ounces! Congratulations Jake and Jamie!!

Evi and Lincoln. Almost the same size:)

Cousins, cousins!

Evi just brand new.

Evi one month later. Much bigger and much more awake!

"Look at me in my pretty dress."

Family photo. . . My birthday and Evi's one month birthday

August 5, 2007

More Pictures!

Look at her cheeks; she is really filling out.

Thanks so much to my cousin Cat. She gave us so many clothes for Evi and this is one of them. So cute and so peaceful.

I got lucky in this picture. I actually caught her smiling. She is the cutest thing ever, I can't stand it.

Evi's first time going to church. Doesn't she look pretty.

Here, she was probably trying to tell us that we take too many pictures.

She is such an angel, we love her so much!