July 21, 2008

Catching Up *Seattle*

Me, my mom, my sisters, Xander and Evi went to seattle and stayed at my uncle Dennis and aunt Nicoles beach house in June. We had a blast and enjoyed our girl time together.
Getting ready to take off. . . Seattle here we come!
Friends across from us!

Silly girls. I seriously love having three sisters!!!

Evi did so good on the Aeroplane she played for a minute then fell asleep and woke up right in time to look out the window as we landed.

We are here...
Space Needle

The girls and Xander.

Us with my cutest aunt Nicole and Uncle Dennis. Thanks to them for letting us stay in their Beach house! Such giving people. We love them!

The Pacific Ocean. . .

Evi and Mauri!

Ev loves the water, too bad it was too cold to play in. But we will be back!

Mmmm sand. . .the highlight of the day for Evi!

In the Car.

She was so good for having to be in the car for five hours. Our drive wasn't supposed to be that long but we got lost:( Not fun

For those of you Twilight fans. .. I drove right past forks on the way to the beach house!

Xander is Evi's favorite playmate. These two are so cute together and they love each other so much.

She adores him.

Sharing snacks!

This one is my favorite.

The mini Merry GO Round

She LOVED it.

This is what she had to say about getting off. . .

So we put her back on!

Evi the scuba diver catching Xander the Eel

Evi the Jelly Fish

Evi loved the fish she was trying to figure out how to get inside!
No wonder Nemo is her favorite thing ever!

Downtown Seattle.

Back to Utah

July 7, 2008

Happy Birthday Evi!

Brand new!

So little!

Getting eaten by her car seat! *Notice her right foot, it was bent up so it was flat against her shin when she was born. Don't worry it's not like that anymore!

Our Little Evi. Thanks Chelsea for the Preemie clothes we would have been in trouble without them!

The Happiest little girl ever!