August 5, 2008

Mexico! Just me and my Collin!!

Our Hotel. Villa Del Arco! I know this picture is blurry but our hotel was awesome! Great swimming pools, restaurants and best of all right on the beach!

No that couple is not us; Just ignore them:) The crazy beautiful ocean. Me and Collin totally Kayaked all the way over to the little beach in between the rocks. .. (Go us) Also known as Lovers Beach. It is really cool; On one side of the beach is the Atlantic Ocean and the other side is the Pacific Ocean. The waves one the Pacific side were enormous and fierce. You aren't allowed to swim in it but some local teenage boy were attempting to surf in it. . .Crazy!

Oh how I love the beach at night, almost as much as I love Collin!

Another hotel pic.

The locals that make a living off of the tourists. I gave in a few times but I became farely good at bartering!

Had to put this one in even though I think it's kinda cheesy.

Collin hanging out waiting for some yummy Mexican food.

Me enjoying a virgin pina colada. Mmmm!

On the Beach! We had so much fun but we were really bad at taking pictures. We went parisailing together one day, we rented a jet ski and if any of you have ever done that on the ocean you will know how crazy fun it is. Not only is the water ridiculously choppy with enormous waves but every time you land a big wave the salt water sprays into your face and you get temporarily blinded! SO fun!! We went to some fun restaurants in town and I'm not gonna lie I was scared to death of eating the authentic Mexican food I didn't want to get sick! I can tell you that we made it through our trip with only a few minor digestive trouble! Thanks to our wonderful moms that loved and took care of our Evi!!