March 31, 2008

Easter Weekend!

We went to Idaho for Easter weekend! It was so nice to just get away for a while we have been so busy! We just relaxed and had some well needed family time! The only bad thing about the weekend is that Evi decided she didn't want to sleep. The only way I could get her to sleep was to have her sleep right next to me all snuggled in. She loved the dogs and the colored eggs but her favorite thing was Grandma Searle's plant. She kept crawling over to it and pulling on the branches. . . so silly!

March 26, 2008


Thursday night right before we put her to bed she started crawling. It was such a surprise because she usually gets so mad when we put her on her knees but she saw her toys and went for it!

March 17, 2008

The Big 26. . . Happy Birthaday Collin!

Yesterday was Collin's birthday so we celebrated with some presents some cake and some pulled pork sandwiches!

Blowing out the candle

Evi eyeing the good stuff.

Collin sisters Tiffany and Kailey came over to celebrate with us!

Mmmm frosting!

The cutest husband and sweetest daddy ever! We love you Collin!

March 12, 2008

Evi's first tutu!

I made her a tutu to wear to the Infinity competition. She had to wear blue and brown to show her Infinity pride. She is such a happy girl she just loves to watch the girls dance.

I think she thought it was just another thing to play with and chew on!

I think there will be many tutus to follow this one!

March 3, 2008

Evi's favorite afternoon activity!

Hmmm what's in the basket?

Let me look. . .

Hooray socks!

Let's eat them!

Or let's just eat the basket!

She could play with her basket of socks forever. She empties out the basket then pulls the socks apart and when she gets bored with that she chews on the basket. . . What a silly girl!

Fun Times

As you can tell Evi loves her cousin Xander!


I thought this picture was funny of her in her tights.

All ready for church.