July 28, 2007

Look at all my bracelets. . . I am just like Grandpa Russ. We were trying them on to actually see if any of them fit and I thought of my dad. It's crazy that two weeks ago none of the bracelets would fit, now two of them fit her. She is already getting big to me.

Fun times with family!!

Cousins!! Xander is so sweet with Evi. He loves to kiss her and "pet" her. He wouldn't smile for us in the picture, but he was having a pretty good time.

Breezy and Evi.

Carlei and Evi. Happy late birthday Carlei. Evi is crying in this picture but she really likes her cousins she was content to be held until she got hungry. This dress is so cute on her.(Thanks Chelsea for borrowing us some preemie clothes. Without them she would pretty much be naked!)

We were so glad that Great Grandma and Grandpa Searle came down for a visit. Grandma Searle snuggled her for about two hours. You can tell Evi loves them already. Thanks for the cutest blankets Grandma!! We will see you in a couple weeks.

July 25, 2007

Weekend Fun.

First time meeting Grandma Raine!

I look at this picture and think of Grandpa Verl and how great it would be to see him hold her.

Evi is so popular, she had so many visitors over the weekend. Mauri, Carlee and grandma came to visit. Sometimes I think Evi looks a little like Mauri.
Such a pretty little girl.

Evi and grandpa Russ. He was so cute with her bouncing her around and cooing at her. I loved it.

Evi and grandma Julie. She stops by almost everyday after school to check on us. What a good grandma.

This was Evis first time in her swing. (thanks mom for getting it for her). She liked it this time but I put her in it yesterday and she wouldn't have it so we will see. I think I have spoiled her already she likes to sleep while being held the best, oh well I love it.

Evi and aunt Mauri. What pretty girls.

This is the cutest dress ever. Thanks to Jayci for getting it for Evi. We had to pin it in the back because it is still a little big for her even though it is size newborn/preemie! Also over the weekend grandma searle and aunt Kailey came to visit and we forgot to get pictures; but we loved having them and hope they will come stay again soon, and I know Evi is excited to see her grandpa searle again. P. S. Thanks Kathy for the birthday presents!

To sleep or not to sleep. I can't decide.

I love this picture. She has really big feet compared to the rest of her body; maybe she'll end up being tall like her dad. (but hopefully not as tall!)

This is her favorite way to cuddle with her dad. . . So sweet.

July 16, 2007

Evi Kaye

Here is Evi making one of her silly faces. She always folds her arms and holds her hands together.

Isn't she the sweetest thing you have ever seen. Such big eyes.

Here she is all dressed up. It's the first time she has worn a dress; and guess what she does. . . she pees on it.

I thought this hat might fit her but I was very wrong. She looks like the pope.

July 13, 2007

Look at me I am just too cute.
Look at these big eyes. We were lucky to catch them she is pretty much asleep all day. We love when she is awake.

We are going to take her picture next to this bear every month to see how big she is getting and this was her first one.

Evis first time in the bouncey chair. You could barely see her tiny body behind the lap belt.

Baby Evi with her daddy.

We were giving her a nice sponge bath and she peed all over the towel and the couch. It was so funny!

Look at my skinny little legs. You can tell how tiny she is by looking at Collin's arms.

July 11, 2007

The Tough Life

Sleeping the day away.

The first bath.

July 10, 2007

Grandma and Grandpa

Grandma and Grandpa, that sounds so funny.

Can September come any faster

The newest Eagles fan. I cannot wait until September for bonding time.

Welcome Evi

Here are the latest pictures of Evi, born 7/7/07.

This was the going home from the hospital outfit.

The first sponge bath.

I think the car seat is going to eat her.

This is just to get things rolling on the site and there will be more to come.