March 4, 2009

All we do is dance. . .

Yes, I know I have been a horrible blogger. . . We have been so busy around here. Competition season has started so I have been really busy with dance. I am in the middle of spring semester right now so I have school to worry about also. Collin is staying busy with work and is getting so excited for golf season to start. And did I mention we have crazy Evi to chase after, She is getting so big and talking so much. We love her to pieces and we are just trying to enjoy every new thing she does. She frequently comes with me to the studio and she has now started to copy the dancers. She has been caught doing a bit of her own choreography and floor work and she has also attempted to do a few crunches.:) Hmmm I wonder what she is going to do when she gets bigger? I am excited for the summer we are going to sign up for a mommy and me gymnastics class and her and Collin are going to do swim lessons together! We also bought a house in Roy in December just in time for Christmas. So we are busy but so so good! Hope everyone else is doing just as good! Congrats to all the new mommies!! Loves to everyone. . .

Evi sharing with her bear!

This costume is actually for my 3&4 yr class but I wanted to try it on her to see, she loved it and she cried when I took it off and kept saying "tutu tutu". If you notice she is even pointing her left foot:)

I told her to go stand by the wall and she did this! Man I love her!


Kristin said...

She is just beautiful. and i was just wondering if you were still alive. It is good to see your keeping busy and that all is well. You bought a hous?? That is awesome, congrats. I am jealous:)

again, she is so darling...I love how her blue eyes match that tutu.

modbe's swim came out and it is MUCH MUCH cuter in person. I'll let you know when I am having an Open House...I think next saturday and if your not busy you can stop by and see them all in person. No worries though because I will have the kit for 6 months! You can call and stop by anytime if you are interested in getting another one this year:)