November 5, 2008

October! ps. This is a very long post!

Finger Painting!!

She loves to finger paint, there is just something about making messes that Evi thinks is just great fun. She would paint for a minute then stop and look at her hands (she doesn't like when her hands are dirty) but then she would return to her masterpiece.

Yes she did get it all over the floor but that is the beauty of washable paint! It is hard to find projects for little ones but this is a fun one we will do often as long as we are up for a mess. I had to put this one it it was just so funny. She had paint all up her nose form this one.

Time for a bath.

In the car all excited to go to the Cornmaze and pumpkin patch. We went to the Black Island Farms. We first wanted to go to Thanksgiving point but didn't want to make the drive and I am so glad because this one was so much fun and perfect for her.

In the corn maze. Luckily they have an easy side and a hard side so we went for the easy one and found our way out pretty quickly. I was just worried it would start getting dark before we made it out.

They had a little tunnel for the little ones to walk through and she loved it. We had a hard time getting her out and I don't know why but she loves sticks and so she loved all the stuff on the ground.

Going on the big slide with Daddy!

They had so many pumpkins it was crazy.

Is this one good enough?

We finally picked one out. We didn't let her down too much in the pumpkin patch because it was so dirty and stinky and I was so smart and had her wearing white baby legs.
We had a good time we will definitely be going back next year!

Carving her first pumpkin!

She was such a good little helper. She helped scoop out the seeds for about 15 minutes and then she sat and played with it.

Evi loved it. We went outside everyday to look and play with the pumpkin. I love doing new things with her it's like you get to experience it all over again.

The finished product. It is supposed to be winking if you didn't know. We are beginners. . .

Happy Birthday to Brandi! For Brandi's Birthday we went to the Gateway and had lunch at CPK and did a little shopping. We had such a fun time. We get so silly when we are together especially when we are tired!

Not the greatest picture but oh well. Love these girls!

For those of you that don't know my mom's birthday is on Halloween so she never really gets to have a birthday. So this year we had a surprise party for her.

I think she was excited. The day before I told her that we were going to Idaho so she would think I was mean for not hanging out with her and everyone else had a similar situation where they were doing something else. It was pretty funny. Love ya Mom!

Her first sucker. I guess it is just what you do on Halloween.

Here we are. Collin was a Dance teacher and I was a Public Relations manager. As you can see we really went out of our way to dress up. . .
My little fairy!

First time Trick-or-Treating! We only went to one house but don't worry she took three treats.
Hope everyone else had a Happy Halloween. On to Thanksgiving and Christmas. . . Oh man it comes too soon.


toYn fAmiLy said...

Looks like tons of fun. She is so adorable... and what a cute halloween costume! Thanks for a new post :)

Chinos :) said...

Kassandra I miss you babe... Evi looks so so cute, her outfit was so stinkin cute! anyways miss you! loves

Paul + Taylee said...

I LAUGHED OUT LOUD when I saw the paint finger up the nose! How much fun!

Tanya said...

Yeah! Your daughter is DaRliNg! I love her halloween costume and you look great! Let's stay in touch :)

McKell said...

Kass i miss you!
I cant believe how big Evi is
getting! She looked adorable on Halloween! I hope you are doing good!

The Haslam's said...

Hi Kassie, I found your blog and oh my gosh your daughter is so darling. I hope all is going well for you :)

Ally said...

Hi Kassigator.
I really want to see you at Christmas. Hope we can all get together so I can see all the babies in real life and just wish I had one so I could dress her up and fit in.:) Evi is getting cuter every post!

T!!!! said...

Hey! It is good to hear from you! You and your family look so great and happy! I am acutally going up to Weber, I haven't been at the U since i graduated from high school. I went to the community college you I took a million online classes and worked. Anyway hope to hear from you soon and have a great holiday!

Brandi said...

So, I finally checked your blog. What a fun birthday party we had. I love your guts!