April 7, 2008

9 Months old!

This is our girl! We love her so much nad can't believe she is getting so big! My nine favorite things about Evi. . . 1-She gives the best loves, so good that with one arm she reaches around and pulls my hair and with the other arm she reaches around and either pulls the skin on my neck or pats me on the shoulder. Maybe not the softest snuggle but i sure love it. She also squishes her face into mine and talks! 2-She is such a good eater. Everything we throw at her she will eat except for two things. . . butternut squash and kiwis. 3-When she wakes up in the morning sometimes i will bring her into bed with me and she has to snuggle right up next to me and pat my face and hiss through her binky! 4-She whispers. so cute! 5-She gets so excited when Collin comes home and if he doesn't hold her right away she gets mad! 6-When she gets really excited she screams! 7-I love her big blue eyes! 8- I love how when she smiles really big she crinckles up her nose! 9-She likes tags. On her bear there is a long tag on the back of the bear and she will flip the bear over and play with the tag! Pretty much we just love her so much and can't imagine our lives without her!!


Kevin and Nikki said...

I'm so glad I got to see you and her this weekend. We definately need to do it more often. She is ADORABLE! I love you guys!

Chinos :) said...

They get too big too fast! ITs sad Halle is already losing her baby smell... And the cute infant relflex! But new fun things are coming I suppose.

Lindsay said...

WOW 9 MONTHS!!! That is sooo crazy! She is so stinking cute! Love all the cute pictures!